If someone is harassing you, then spamming you or you don’t need them to contact you or view your articles you may block them Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in 1 item will block them around Google.

If you block someone from Google Hangouts:

Personal dialog:

  • You Can’t send or get Hangout chat messages
  • Your Hangout together with the obstructed individual will probably be archived

Group dialog:

  • You may join a group chat with the person that you blocked
  • The individual who you blocked may join group chats you’re in
  • You will be able to observe each other’s messages
  • you’ll find a notification that someone who you’ve blocked is also from the Hangout, but other band members won’t be informed.

Video calls:

  • You can’t combine a video phone with somebody you obstructed and vice versa

Note: should you use Hangouts to get Google Fi or Google Voice calls and SMS, then these services might be impacted.

Keep Reading to get detailed directions on the best way to block (or unblock) somebody in Hangouts

The best way to block somebody at Google Hangouts

  • Hangouts Help Center: Block or Blow Off Somebody

1. Sign in to Hangouts in hangouts.google.com, in Gmail, or utilizing the Hangouts Chrome Extension

2. Open the person Hangout dialog or invite in the person you would like to block

3. Click on the gear icon at the top of this chat window to start the dialog Choices

4. About the Options screen Click Block

5. Click Block again to Verify

The best way to unblock somebody in Google Hangouts

You can unblock people in your own Hangouts Settings.

1. Sign in to Hangouts in http://hangouts.google.com, in Gmail, or utilizing the Hangouts Chrome Extension
(Notice: this alternative can also be available from the Hangouts mobile program )

2. Click on the Three lineup menu icon at the top left

3. Click Settings in the menu

4. On the Preferences screen click“Blocked People”
5. On the right of the name click on Unblock


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