Guide Into A War That Lost Its Way

The Vietnam War Library, today The American War Library, has been created on July 4th, 1988.
by David S. Wilson, The New York Times

The next New York Times report was printed on December 8th,

EXCERPT: “REDONDO BEACH, CA -…Phillip Roger Coleman (picture
Comprised ) enlisted in the Army with excitement and moved to Vietnam.

There, among his responsibilities was burying closet-size communications Channels from the jungle for troops that were stranded. He now spends A lot of his day at a space much-like those crisis hideaways. The cramped area in the rear part of his clothes shop here has a private Computer where he’s typing a listing of what he calls for noble warfare that lost its way.

Since July, Mr. Coleman has transcribed over 300 files into
His Vietnam Data Resource and Electronic Library [currently over 40,000]. Critics of vets historians and groups in the State Department state his Campaign is that the first serious effort to chronicle the Vietnam War computer. Faculties use other, bigger Vietnam research sets, for example, Those in the Indochina Archive in the University of California, Berkeley and the State Department…” The complete text of the New York Times article (verifiable in the Neighborhood library out of microfiche archives)

Mr. Coleman’s Vietnam autobiography, for example, a letter/review
Out of General William C.Westmoreland, is available at URL:

New York Times link:
TS=AI&date=Dec+6%2C+1988&writer =By+DAVID+S. +WILSONSpecial+The+New+Yor
K+Times&desc=Guide+to+a+War+Which +Lost+Its+Method

Search for additional references to Phill Coleman from the New York Times:
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Day=31&toyear=1995&limit =posts &sortby=REVERSE_CHRON&x=23&y=10

Otis Willie
Associate Librarian
The American War Library
Tiger5515 years back PermalinkDELETED THE WHOLE BIG LIE!!!!

The AWL SCAM Open didn’t come onto the scene before April 1994 and as Much as any Newspaper posts go on the AWl it’s the old computer

The American War Library Isn’t a real library and NOT a known
Veterans business by anybody, It’s nothing more than a WEB-BASED Telemarketing SCAM OPERATION. This WEB established Sham of a library will be aimed at SOLELY in YOU the Veteran who’s served their nation, the Military Brats That became a part of the lifestyle and the Veterans Family that served alongside
them. Additionally, There’s NO Otis Willie, Brooke Rowe, Roger Simpson equally as They’re only MADE UP individuals, it’s actually a 1 man show termed Phillip Roger Coleman. Phillip Roger Coleman is your SOLE OWNER and OPERATOR of the
Performance and FAKE Library. There’s Nobody ELSE THERE, any and All the Other Names used by this performance ARE FAKE and are nothing more than Alias’s utilized by Phill Coleman. Phill’s M.O. is he simply uses the hell from their search engines to
Gleam every one the expert’s stuff he articles, from different real army Organizations, veterans groups, newspapers or DOD and he then places it to The newsgroups hoping to seem like he’s linked, WHICH HE IS NOT.

DO NOT offer this sham performance ANY private information as he doesn’t Conduct a safe website for the transmission of private info. Again the So-called American War Library is just 1 guy with a web page that utilizes an International search engine to find all his website content, mostly without permission or the owner’s knowledge. It’s one of these old sayings Buyer Beware and in such a situation beware of the AWL.

Finest advice would be to utilize REAL & Legitimate DOD & VA Sites, not a few Sham/Scam Open. Also, have a look at The American War Library using the Better Business Bureau ( (There’s a record) and the Condition of California Attorney General in case you have ANY questions regarding if it’s Secure to offer any private info, particularly with all this identity Fraud happening in the entire world.


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